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Why should you buy a bat from the Mile High Bat Company?

  • Your own custom signature bat!

  • A personalized keepsake!

  • Coach's gift!

  • Marketing for your company!​

  • Use it in games and/or as a training/practice tool.

Wooden bats are almost always heavier than aluminum or composite bats, therefore swinging them will help to build up strength and bat speed.​​

Wooden bats have a smaller “sweet spot” (the part of the barrel of the bat that will produce the greatest results when the ball is hit on that location), therefore continued practice with a wooden bat will help players develop a more precise swing which will allow the player to hit the ball harder and farther more consistently.

Wooden bats are less forgiving than aluminum bats.  Players are not ‘rewarded’ for miss hits with a wooden bat as they are with an aluminum or composite bat, therefore the less forgiving the bat, the quicker a player will develop better swing mechanics.

The bat is strongest when you swing with the label up!

Locally made in Denver, Colorado.


Why buy a bat from the Mile High Bat Co?: About
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