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About the Mile High Bat Company

How it all started - Combining my love for baseball, art, and woodworking, the Mile High Bat Company (formerly known as the Stapleton Bat Company) was officially created in January 2020!

Having the good fortune to be the recipient of a used, but solid lathe from a neighbor, my very first thought was I’m going to make baseball bats with this old Craftsman.  Well, for months, the lathe sat idle in my garage, gathering dust and other clutter until one day in late October 2019 I decided to crank it up.  Having never used a lathe, I practiced making a number of mini bats from scrap pieces of pine.  They weren’t great at first, but the more I made, the better they got (my son still has them in his room…good enough for him!), and it definitely gave me confidence that I could do it!  A few bats later and countless attempts to determine how best to finish the bats with different types of paint, logos, and polyurethane, I finally figured out the “formula” for a complete bat.  Every time I begin the process of turning a bat on the lathe, I feel excitement combined with some anxiousness…I want the bat to be perfect!  As you might expect, striving for perfection is often met with setbacks and disappointment, but without these challenges, I wouldn’t have the motivation to perfect the process of making your handcrafted wooden bat.

The logo - Why the image of a plane in the logo?  You see, Denver International Airport or more commonly known as DIA, was not Denver’s original airport, rather it was the Stapleton International Airport.  As part of a huge ongoing land redevelopment project, the land that was once the old Stapleton airport’s concourses, terminals, and runways, is now the place I call home.

“5280” - Denver is the ‘Mile High City’ and there are 5280 ft in a mile.  Why is the 28 underlined?  That’s just a little self branding….my college baseball number was 28!

“HIT IT A MILE” - See above and I really do hope you hit it a long way!!

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How it all started: About
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