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Handcrafted wooden bat (Choose your finish!).  Starting @ $200

Handcrafted wooden bat (Choose your finish!). Starting @ $200

A handcrafted, personalized signature wooden bat (baseball or softball).


All bats are made to order.  Based on order backlog, we will do our best to provide an estimate of how soon you can expect your bat to be completed and shipped.


*Please note that the average leadtime to create and ship 1 bat is approximately 1 week when considering no order backlog. 


    Wooden bat (maple or ash) that can be a personalized keepsake OR use it in a game or as a training/practice tool.  Each bat is handcrafted on a wood lathe, hand painted or stained, and personalized.


    Because these are wooden bats, they are subject to breaking even during regular use.  For this reason, there's currently no return or refund policy.


    Thank you for purchasing a bat from the Mile High Bat Company LLC (the “Company”).  This bat has not been certified and may not be compliant with the standards of a particular third-party governing body (i.e. MLB, BBCOR*, USA Baseball, or USSSA) for use in youth or adult sports leagues.  Wood bats, like those made by the Company, have been known to break into multiple pieces or shards which can be hazardous to the user and those around him/her.  There are risks associated with the use of wood bats, such as physical injury, pain, suffering, disfigurement, temporary or permanent disability, death or economic loss.  These injuries or outcomes may arise from one’s own or other’s actions, inactions or negligence.  Regardless of the care taken to avoid any such injuries, certain inherent risks cannot be eliminated.  As such, the Company cannot guarantee the safety of the individual using one of its wood bats.


    Purchaser hereby understands and appreciates the nature of these and other risks inherent in using a wood bat, and knowingly assumes all risks that may arise from using the Company’s wood bat.  In consideration for being allowed to purchase a product from the Company, the purchaser hereby releases from liability and waives his/her right to sue the Company, its employees, officer and owners from any and all claims, including claims of the Company’s negligence resulting in an physical injury or economic loss the purchaser may suffer or which may result from using one of the Company’s wood bats.


    *Wood bats constructed with one solid piece of wood (Ash, Birch, or Maple) are automatically BBCOR approved.


    The Mile High Bat Company will ship bats to the continental US via UPS.  Bats will be shipped in a sealed tube container.

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